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Ready and waiting to help you get to the truth, Private Investigator Reno is your full-service private detective agency. Do you need help finding someone? Are you looking for background information on a potential partner? Is someone who owes you money pretending to be broke, but you suspect his assets are just being hidden?

We can help you get the proof you need to make informed decisions and bring you peace of mind. Our licensed, experienced team of investigators will help navigate all the rough patches of surveillance and investigative procedures to deliver results that will help you know how to proceed further, whatever works best for you. Contact us today, don’t delay!


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Reno NV

At Reno Private Investigator, our experience and background ensure that we will get the job done. Our skilled and licensed investigators work diligently to deliver prompt results, evidence that you can rely on for its accuracy and factual details.

Our clients privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance and you can depend on our discretion in all matters relating to you and your case. The mission of Reno Detective Agency is to solve our client’s case with accuracy and precision, keeping our services affordable and our reputation above reproach.

With years of experience under our belt, we bring professionalism and reliability to the table. We know what we’re doing because we’ve been practicing for many years. We also make new training and equipment a priority so that our service is cutting-edge, involving the latest developments and strategies and technologies to keep us moving ahead and improving all the time.

Whatever private investigations you need handled, whether it’s a surveillance job or an in depth background investigation or a missing person, whatever your case, let the professionals here at Reno Private Detective assist you in finding the answers. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us ?

Established and reputable, Private Investigator Reno has been providing superior private investigator services to the state of Nevada for decades. Our capabilities and conduct are the best in the business. Some reasons to choose us are:

We look forward to serving you and all your private investigation needs! Contact us today!

Experienced and dedicated

We’ve been in the investigative business in one way or another for years and we work tirelessly to get answers to your most complex situations.

Licensed and insured

Licensed and insured in the state of Nevada, we have the training, knowledge and discipline required serve you best.


We keep our clients regularly updated about the progress we’re making and any new developments that may arise.

State-of-the-art Equipment

We keep up with the latest equipment, technology and resources to help us do the best job possible and give you the best documentation of evidence we discover.

Training and technique

We keep up-to-date with training and techniques that help us to work more effectively and efficiently.

Honesty and Integrity

We know the laws of Nevada and work diligently within the parameters of those laws so that your case isn’t compromised and evidence we gather will be admissible in a courtroom.

What To Expect?

Starting with a free consultation, we can discuss your case and what you’re looking for by way of results. We can determine which services may be required to resolve your issue and estimate the cost of the services and a time-frame for the case work.

We’ll get to work on your case quickly, generally within 24 hours, although sometimes we’re able to start immediately. We will keep you informed of our progress and any developments at regular intervals, communicating in whatever manner we agree to prior to our taking the case.

At the conclusion of the case, when it’s appropriate, we will deliver a written report with photos, video or whatever documentation we may have gathered in the course of our investigation.

If your case requires court proceedings and we’re needed to testify, we make sure to factor that into your cost estimate and are happy to assist in that capacity.

Contact us today and we can get started.

Our Services

As a full-service private detective agency, PI Reno NV offers a full range of services from surveillance and background investigations to subject locates and hidden assets investigations. Our team of investigators specialize in different skill-sets which makes us able to cover a variety of complex cases and track down evidence and leads from numerous angles. Some of the services we offer are:

reno private investigator and surveillance


One of the foremost skills required for detective work is the art of surveillance. Our investigators have years of experience and practice under their belt, along with the ability to use our state-of-the-art surveillance technology to capture and document the subject of their surveillance.

reno private detective and background checks

Background Check/Investigations

Whether for personal reasons or strictly business, we can check into someone’s background and make sure they are who they say they are and we can also tell you who they used to be. We have resources and technology at our fingertips that can make short work of the things you need to know.

private investigator reno cost & asset investigation

Asset & Hidden Assets Investigations

If you know, or suspect, that someone has more (money, property, vehicles, etc.) than they are showing and they owe you all or part of it, this service could be very helpful in making sure you get what is rightfully yours. Contact us and we can look into it.

reno detective agency & cheating partners


This particular service almost always includes surveillance techniques and technology. Unfortunately, infidelity happens more often than we like to think and if you need proof or just to know the truth, hiring a private investigator may be the best avenue. Contact us today.

private investigators near me & TSCM surveillance

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures)

If you think that your privacy has been compromised in some way, we can do a “bug sweep” to check your home or place of business or wherever you think the leak may be. Locating and neutralizing the threat is what our expert investigators will do along with detecting other areas that are vulnerable to a future attack.

reno private investigator services & missing person locating services

Subject Locates

We can help locate missing loved ones or potential witnesses for a court case or even someone who skipped out owing you money. We have the expertise and resources to track individuals down and get their contact information to you.

hire a private investigator in reno and cell phone investigations

Cell Phone Forensic Investigation

If you need to retrieve data from a phone that has been damaged or from which information has been deleted, we have the resources and techniques to bring back what was lost. Private Detective Reno NV can help you use the data to build a timeline, find out about an important conversation as well as various other kinds of information that can be found. Give us a call.

About Reno Nevada

Also known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno, NV is situated just 26 miles north of the state capital, Carson City and about 22 miles northeast of Lake Tahoe. The third largest city in Nevada, Reno stands about 4,400 feet above sea level in a high desert river valley. It is prone to light snowfall in the winter months and extreme temperatures during summer (low to mid 90s generally, but also regularly above 100 degrees fahrenheit).

Maintaining a population of approximately 214,000, the city was once known as the divorce capital of the world and is known for its casinos and as the birthplace of the big gaming corporation, Harrah’s Entertainment.

Attracting over 5 million visitors a year, tourism is the major industry for Reno, bringing in over $4 billion dollars annually. Other industries include computers, electronics, communications and financial services.

The employment outlook for the Reno/Sparks region is quite attractive due to its high rate of skilled workers and competitive wage levels.

Nearby cities include:

  • Sparks
  • Carson City
  • Truckee
  • Incline Village
  • Gardnerville
  • Kings Beach
  • Kingsbury
  • Mogul
  • Tahoe Vista
  • And many other surrounding areas


How much is a private investigator?

Price is contingent on the scope and breadth of each individual case. Private Investigator Reno costs will vary depending on the complexity of the case and the time it takes to solve. Some issues are a simple flat-rate because the time and energy to find the answer is straightforward and fairly standard, other cases will have an hourly rate and depend on what the service entails in terms of man-power and equipment usage and mileage. To get an accurate reading on your private investigator cost, give us a call and let’s talk about what you need. The call is free.

Is it legal to hire a private investigator for surveillance on someone who has a restraining order against me?

Absolutely not! It should probably say that in the restraining order anyway, but it is illegal to hire a PI for surveillance for the purpose of watching someone who has a restraining order against you.

How soon do you start investigating once I’ve hired you?

Sometimes we can start immediately, but a general guideline is within 24 hours. We are most generally busiest on the weekends, so if you call then, we might require a little more notice.

What do you need to start a surveillance investigation?

The more information we have on the subject to surveill, the better. We need at least a physical description, but a photo is the best thing, along with work and/or home address, vehicle description and license plate, as well as when and why you want this subject watched.

What is a PI’s privacy code?

In our line of work, privacy and discretion are paramount. At Reno Private Investigator, we will not divulge any information about our client or the case we’re working on to anyone except with express consent from the client or when ordered to by the courts.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Steve W. Reno, NV

Amazing work! Fast and efficient, I got exactly the information I needed without a lot of unwanted nonsense. I would highly recommend this agency to all businesses looking for the facts.

Tracy M. Sparks, NV

I was so nervous when I called. I had never hired a private investigator before and wasn’t sure how it worked, but they were so kind and professional and put me right at ease. They did a free consultation and assured me of their ability to solve my issue. They did a great job and it was very affordable.

William M. Reno NV

I have to say that along with solving my case, these guys were so on top of things and great communicators! I appreciated so much how they kept me apprised of everything involving my case and the progress being made. Highly, highly recommend!

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Knowledge is power. Knowing the facts, the truth, whatever your situation can be greatly empowering and give you invaluable clarity to move forward with the next step. At Private Investigator Reno, we can help you achieve that clarity. Contact us today and let us evaluate your case and start working on finding the facts you’re seeking and the proof you need to achieve that peace that comes from a full knowledge of what’s going on and what can be proven.

Fill out the form here on our website or give us a call, there’s no reason to continue searching for “private investigators near me” or “private detectives near me,” we’re right here, ready to help and we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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